Zesty Dhal

This amazing recipe came from a paperback vegan society cookbook called ‘The Caring Cook’ that I picked up at a green fair many years ago. At the time of publishing the Vegan Society headquarters were in St Leonards and although 30 years later, when I started the market stall at Bexhill I’d always secretly hopedContinue reading “Zesty Dhal”

Pea and Mint Pakora

I’ve recently been applying to some new farmers markets which like all farmers markets require that their traders use local produce wherever possible. This has really made me think about the seasonality of the dishes that we produce and start paying much more attention to the amazing variety of veg and now pulses we canContinue reading “Pea and Mint Pakora”

Tandoori Tofu

This is the first in our new range of complete meals and comes on a bed of pilau rice. It is available as part of our doorstep delivery range or why not have a go at making it yourself. As a teenager my mum ran a catering company from home. Any leftovers would be frozenContinue reading “Tandoori Tofu”

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