At Samafels we cook food that we like to eat the way we like to eat it. We cook in the same way we would if we were cooking for our families, we just use bigger pans. All our products are now 100% plant based and therefore suitable for vegans, vegetarians, carnivores and everything in between. We have a fantastic greengrocer who sources local produce for us and we use organic spinach grown by The Montessori Place whenever it’s available. Most of our dry goods come from infinity foods and our lemon juice and most of our pulses and grains are organic.

New – We have just started using Hodmedod’s for some of our pulses which are all grown in the UK but are not always organic, for more details please get in touch.

We never add preservatives to our products however we do occasionally use products that contain preservatives, these are always listed in the ingredients. Allergens are written in CAPITAL LETTERS and UNDERLINED.

Frozen Ready Meals

Our frozen ready meal range is great for those days when you want something healthy but are either too busy or don’t want to cook. They can be quickly reheated from frozen in the microwave or on the hob. For larger meals several dishes can be reheated in the oven at the same time.

All our main meals have a protein base, pulse, tofu or nuts so can be served with rice or bread for a complete meal. Equally they work just as well as sides or sauces.


From samafels and pakoras to beanie pies, salads and ‘sausage’ rolls our snack range can be eaten straight away or taken home to enjoy hot or cold. Come along and see what we’re cooking that week.

To view our current menus click here

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